HB #63: Chester the Molester

Chester the Molester, or the Orthodox Community’s Dirty Little Secret Nate starts off the discussion by uttering just one word, “Molestation” and Hershy responds with, “OK, we are going to go there.” And indeed, there they go. The Chaim Walder case is brought up. Nate then shares that his second grade rebbe was charged with molestation. That sets the mood. Nate takes it to the next level when he shares a shocking personal revelation. 

Nate and Hershy agree that the Ultra-Orthodox community continues to allow abuse and molestation because they protect the accused to keep the community intact. Molesters know inherently that they can continue without fear because they know that their friends and peers will believe them instead of the victims for any of several reasons; from the built-in community control and sexism, to religious extremism. 

Nate and Hershy go from discussing the problem to potential solutions including providing sex-ed to pre-puberty males, which could allow for knowledge on how to safely channel their sexual urges. Finally, Nate and Hershy urge these communities to change their policies and allow police to conduct due process against accused molesters, rather than try to shield and hush up. 

On a separate note, it wouldn’t be a Nate and Hershy podcast without controversy and perhaps a little wackiness. Somewhere in the seriousness of discussing molestation in the community, Nate and Hershy change course and posit that Arab aggression throughout Israel would be slowed down or even ended if the Israeli military simply flew over their territories and dropped a bunch of porn magazines. Yes, porn. And with that, I say enjoy.

HB #61: Making an Aliyah – Part 4 (With Sharon Mandel)

Nate and Sharon sit down in their living room and chat about all things Israel. How did their viewpoint change after a year of living there? Have the struggles changed their idealism of wanting to live in the Holy Land?

First, they discuss the cost benefit of buying furniture in Israel verses shipping new furniture from the US. After having been sure their decision to only bring a pallet of things and purchase everything else they needed in Israel, they are now looking at it with different eyes. The conclusion is that even with the high cost of shipping from overseas, if you are furnishing a whole house or apartment, it’s still going to cost less, and result in better quality, to bring everything over from the US.

Second is transportation – Nate and Sharon ended up buying their electric scooter. They love it! But it has its limitations. It’s great in their sleepy desert town, for getting around locally to pick up some groceries or doing errands. But, in the end, they admit that they really need to buy a car and are looking into getting a Tesla, since the price of gas is so much higher than in the States.

Third is their experience with socialized medicine while living in an area that is far away from more populated centers. From finding the right doctors to getting the prescriptions, paperwork, and appointments, they are not happy with medical care in the country.

On the good side, despite the negatives, they LOVE being in Israel! They have internalized the adage “Expect nothing and be grateful for everything.” Israel is a land of miracles and is warm, sunny, and beautiful. The quality of life and the chilled culture of the inhabitants is inspiring and something to learn from. 

Nate sums things up on life in Israel:

Luxury and efficiency? No

Idealism and culture? Definitely…yes!

HB #59: Win the Fight, Lose the Marriage

We all have heard this phrase, and many of us have had to internalize it during very emotional moments in business and relationships. Nate and Hershy discuss the concept in a unique way; they believe it’s not a given that you should lose the battle as the battle might actually BE the war. Do you say how you really feel, and damn the consequences? They mince no words and throw out very strong ideas regarding whether anyone even has to take a particular side on this at all. No spoiler alert; you’ll need to listen all the way through and judge for yourself. I will warn you, don’t expect the typical reactions to what the battle & war phrase means. Then again, since when is there anything typical about Nate and Hershy in front of a mic? Enjoy!

HB #58: When Values Change

Listen as Nate and Hershy provide an in-depth discussion on the implications of people suddenly changing their value system and its impact on the world around them. Using the backdrop of a major event at Humblebrag where a former podcaster does the unthinkable – asking and receiving approval to have all his podcasts (amazing conversation mind you) removed from the site never to be heard again by listeners. Nate and Hershy delve into that event and then explore issues surrounding the consequences when one person in a relationship significantly changes and does or does not share that with their partner. Listen on…

HB #52: Now What!?

“Now what” should never be a question if you are a healthy, well-thought-out, motivated individual. Spiritual people should have more goals and dreams than are even possible to achieve in 3 lifetimes. It should never get to the point of now what? As in, I’ve exhausted all my brainpower to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing next.

FIS #20: Happy on principle

Life is fickle. One day happy, one day sad. One day life, one day death. We are thrown into a chaotic world and have no idea when we will depart. We are expected to make sense of it, all the while, remaining happy along our journey… Is it possible to learn a set of rules, principles or acquire some kind of wisdom that can potentially wire us differently? A new perspective or education that can assist us in never feeling depression? Well, I think so. And in this episode you will learn why.

FIS #18: Anxiety (With Gneshe Bron)

A conversation about anxiety, fear & panic with two siblings who have been dealing with anxiety all of their adult life.
Learn tips and tricks to deal with anxiety and delve into the bedrock of what lies behind your fears.

Free yourself. Heal yourself. Be yourself.


FIS #13: Can We Help the OTD Youth? (With Viggy Farkas)

A conversation with Viggy Farkas about helping the OTD youth.

FIS #12: Listen Better than you Talk

“Listen Better than you Talk” is a mini podcast that seeks to extrapolate the value behind improving one’s listening and attentiveness skills. In this podcast, I explore the various facets within which good communication and DIALOG (not dialect!) lies. It is my hope that with some of the simple principles shared here, you too will be able to improve your listening and communication abilities.

Some quotes pertaining to this piece:

“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder” – Rumi

“When one responds to verbal attack, the result is worse verbal attack” – Rav Shalom Arush – I THINK…

“Speech without thought is like a body without a soul” – Rav Lazer Brody

“A person who speaks without thinking utters empty words, and empty words don’t have the power to cast a lasting impression on the listener’s heart” – Rav lazer Brody

Ethics of our fathers:

Chapter 1: 17. His son, Shimon, would say: All my life I have been raised among the wise, and I have found nothing better for the body than silence…

Chapter 4: 1. Ben Zoma would say: Who is wise? One who learns from every man. As is stated (Psalms 119:99): “From all my teachers I have grown wise, for Your testimonials are my meditation.”

Chapter 5: 7. There are seven things that characterize a boor, and seven that characterize a wise man. A wise man does not speak before one who is greater than him in wisdom or age. He does not interrupt his fellow’s words. He does not hasten to answer. His questions are on the subject and his answers to the point. He responds to first things first and to latter things later. Concerning what he did not hear, he says “I did not hear.” He concedes to the truth. With the boor, the reverse of all these is the case.

FIS #10: Self-expression

The art of self-expression is beautiful. Its fruits are magnificent, its effects are profound. Learn all about self-expression and all that it entails in this podcast.