HB #55: Long Voice Notes & Intellectualism Video

Few things are loved and hated as much as long voice notes or prolonged expressions. What is within a long voice note that brings that up in us? What can we glean out of learning about the technology of voice notes and our intellectual prowess? Tune in to this episode to learn more.

HB #52: Now What!?

“Now what” should never be a question if you are a healthy, well-thought-out, motivated individual. Spiritual people should have more goals and dreams than are even possible to achieve in 3 lifetimes. It should never get to the point of now what? As in, I’ve exhausted all my brainpower to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing next.

HB #37: Yanky Lichtman on Life, Lakewood and Modern Orthodoxy

A discussion of Orthodoxy in the life of Yanky Lichtman living in Lakewood, NJ. Topics ranging from religious perspective, family values, business challenges and life’s journey.

FIS #11: School of Thought & the Future of Atheism

A philosophical exploration of our thoughts, approach and behavior pertaining to “the God” and belief topic. In this podcast I discuss my view of the debate game and lend my opinion on how to better approach this lovely topic moving forward.

FIS #7: Commentary – Bret and Eric Weinstein on The Rubin Report (2/5/18)

Less of a commentary and more of an exploration of one or two sentences mentioned during the show. The Idea Revolution has begun. This podcast explores the notion that we are in the midst of a big change. And the new outlook that’s about to swoop in will be more profound, impacting and truthful then the one we’ve accustomed ourselves to over the past few generations.

FIS #2: The Fundamentals of Jewish Spirituality

Kosher Spirituality. “Because there are sooo many books, quoting so many other books, we have ourselves a cobweb of kosher spiritual knowledge. My approach seeks to alleviate the pondering soul, who seems to be getting entangled in the intricacy of the spiritual web.”

Correction: I’m no longer on SoundCloud.