HB #56 Making an Aliyah – Part 3 (With Sharon Mandel)

Yes! We finally made it to our homeland! Tune into this episode to continue following Nate and Sharon’s journey to Israel. Having finally pulled their Aliyah, they are starting to feel settled and comfortable in their new home.

HB #47: Bacon with BJ

Ari talks to his friend BJ about growing up Orthodox, discovering science, being introduced to each other by Penn Jillette, BJ’s love for smoked swine, fatherhood and hot ex-wives.

HB #34: Ari & Sheva on marriage, children, army and divorce

Ari and Sheva talk about their past life. Imagine that. Two ex-spouses actually conversing with each other. Tune in to hear their story that starts in ultra-orthodox Monsey, NY – all the way to Seoul, South Korea and back.