HB #59: Win the Fight, Lose the Marriage

We all have heard this phrase, and many of us have had to internalize it during very emotional moments in business and relationships. Nate and Hershy discuss the concept in a unique way; they believe it’s not a given that you should lose the battle as the battle might actually BE the war. Do you say how you really feel, and damn the consequences? They mince no words and throw out very strong ideas regarding whether anyone even has to take a particular side on this at all. No spoiler alert; you’ll need to listen all the way through and judge for yourself. I will warn you, don’t expect the typical reactions to what the battle & war phrase means. Then again, since when is there anything typical about Nate and Hershy in front of a mic? Enjoy!

HB #58: When Values Change

Listen as Nate and Hershy provide an in-depth discussion on the implications of people suddenly changing their value system and its impact on the world around them. Using the backdrop of a major event at Humblebrag where a former podcaster does the unthinkable – asking and receiving approval to have all his podcasts (amazing conversation mind you) removed from the site never to be heard again by listeners. Nate and Hershy delve into that event and then explore issues surrounding the consequences when one person in a relationship significantly changes and does or does not share that with their partner. Listen on…

HB #55: Long Voice Notes & Intellectualism Video

Few things are loved and hated as much as long voice notes or prolonged expressions. What is within a long voice note that brings that up in us? What can we glean out of learning about the technology of voice notes and our intellectual prowess? Tune in to this episode to learn more.

HB #45: Alcohol & Splitting the Bill (With Hershy Dancziger)

Nate and Hershy discuss the emotional and social implications of drinking alcohol. And then grind through the phenomenon of splitting the bill. You do not want to miss this one!

HB #43: Acting, Music and Personal Growth (with Luzer Twersky)

Ari talks to his friend, Luzer Twersky about growing up Chassidic in Brooklyn, their love for music, life as an artist and remaining open to differing points of view.

HB #40: From Trucker to Athlete Runner (With Motty Surkis)

Today we have a dialogue with Motty Surkis who transitioned from the ultra-Orthodox world of New Square to become a trucker. But that’s not all! Motty then started training to be a runner. He is now an athlete who has changed his whole life, both religiously and physically. Tune in to hear Motty recount his old days and the decisions that brought him to where he is today.