HB #52: Now What!?

“Now what” should never be a question if you are a healthy, well-thought-out, motivated individual. Spiritual people should have more goals and dreams than are even possible to achieve in 3 lifetimes. It should never get to the point of now what? As in, I’ve exhausted all my brainpower to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing next.

HB #51: I Told You So

Imagine I said you can learn deep and meaningful lessons from Carrie Underwood’s ‘I Told You So’ released in 2007. Would you listen? Or would you simply laugh at me and say” WRONG! Well, in this episode you can decide for yourself. I won’t say I told you so…you’ll have to learn this one on your own 😉

HB #50: I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in that Shul (with David Cheifetz)

Ari talks to his friend David Cheifetz about his upbringing in Queens, working for the Israeli government, combatting child abuse, their shared interest in Jewish history, and the pros and cons of social media.

HB #49: The World According to Shmully Blesofsky

Ari talks to his friend, singer and comedian Shmully Blesofsky about his upbringing in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, being a post-Orthodox cantor, comedy, dating, finding himself and finding community.

HB #47: Bacon with BJ

Ari talks to his friend BJ about growing up Orthodox, discovering science, being introduced to each other by Penn Jillette, BJ’s love for smoked swine, fatherhood and hot ex-wives.

HB #46: Short and Sweet (with Chavie Weisberger)

Ari caught Chavie on her way out to a soccer game, so in twenty minutes they cover their overlapping lives growing up in Monsey, her journey through marriage, children, Footsteps and beyond.

HB #41: Degrees of Separation (with Dr. Zalman Newfield)

Ari talks to his friend Dr. Zalman Newfield about his research into the process of building new identities when leaving ultra-Orthodox Judaism.

HB #40: From Trucker to Athlete Runner (With Motty Surkis)

Today we have a dialogue with Motty Surkis who transitioned from the ultra-Orthodox world of New Square to become a trucker. But that’s not all! Motty then started training to be a runner. He is now an athlete who has changed his whole life, both religiously and physically. Tune in to hear Motty recount his old days and the decisions that brought him to where he is today.

HB #39: Kiryas Joel, Satmar, Trucking and Travel (With Yossi Schwartz)

Ari & Yossi Schwartz talks about growing up Satmar, trucking, travel and broadening their horizons.

FIS #22: Running From the Police (Miracle of Lights)

Miracles didn’t just happen in the past, they happen today as well. In this episode we explore some of my personal miracles. I hope you had a magnificent Chanukah and hopefully these stories can be guiding light for your entire year!