HB #55: Long Voice Notes & Intellectualism Video

Few things are loved and hated as much as long voice notes or prolonged expressions. What is within a long voice note that brings that up in us? What can we glean out of learning about the technology of voice notes and our intellectual prowess? Tune in to this episode to learn more.

HB #54: Contrepreneurs, Fake Gurus & Toxic Positivity

Think positive! Don’t be negative! Don’t ruin my vibes!… Putting on a happy facade in the face of extremely difficult life hardships can take a really hard toll on our bodies – both emotionally and physically.

‘Toxic Positivity’ is a phenomenon that, once aware of, can help you emerge from the constraints of your principled demise. While positivity is generally conducive, too much of it, or blindly adhering to it, is not.

In this episode, we learn all about the cons of positivity and all that shadows its vitality.

HB #53: Intermittent Fasting & Intuitive Eating

What is Intermittent Fasting (IF) and what is Intuitive Eating? In this episode, I cover both of these practices. You may ignore healthy eating topics, but you can only do so for so long. Eventually, eating unhealthy will catch up. better to educate yourself early and no better food education than IF and IE. Enjoy!

FIS #25: Respecting The Human Status (With Gneshe Bron)

In this episode we talk about humans who have a tendency to treat other humans as objects – as though they own them. Elevating us to a higher level of understanding – a place in which we respect the human status.