HB #57: The Human Crush that Devastated Israel

On April 30th, 2021 a deadly crowd crush occurred in Meron, Israel. This took place during the annual pilgrimage to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai on the Jewish holiday of Lag BaOmer.

Tune into this episode as Nate goes through his journey and experience on his first pilgrimage to Meron.

HB #49: The World According to Shmully Blesofsky

Ari talks to his friend, singer and comedian Shmully Blesofsky about his upbringing in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, being a post-Orthodox cantor, comedy, dating, finding himself and finding community.

HB #44: Entertainment Politics

We’ve all seen it before. We’ve all heard it before. We’ve all been affected by it in one way or another.

It’s at the root of our societies every move. It shapes continents, destroys lives, builds bridges, shatters families, dictates the future and impacts our health, well-being and livelihood.

Entertainment Politics is as unavoidable as taking a dump. You often try to avoid it for as long as you can, but with steady and consistent creeping, it ultimately gets its way.

HB #39: Kiryas Joel, Satmar, Trucking and Travel (With Yossi Schwartz)

Ari & Yossi Schwartz talks about growing up Satmar, trucking, travel and broadening their horizons.

HB #34: Ari & Sheva on marriage, children, army and divorce

Ari and Sheva talk about their past life. Imagine that. Two ex-spouses actually conversing with each other. Tune in to hear their story that starts in ultra-orthodox Monsey, NY – all the way to Seoul, South Korea and back.

HB #32: From Pious to Unbiased With Ari & Eli Mandel

How can one go from praying three times a day to worshiping unicorns? Well, in this episode Ari & Eli Mandel delve into their journey and reflect on the straws that broke their camels back.

FIS #28: Unorthodox – A Netflix Review (With Ari Mandel)

Brothers Nate & Ari Mandel review the Netflix Mini-Series called Unorthodox. By reflecting on their journeys, they delicately reminisce about the transition and what life in the community is or was really like.