Character Refinement

HB #51: I Told You So

Imagine I said you can learn deep and meaningful lessons from Carrie Underwood’s ‘I Told You So’ released in 2007. Would you listen? Or would you simply laugh at me and say” WRONG! Well, in this episode you can decide for yourself. I won’t say I told you so…you’ll have to learn this one on your own 😉

HB #44: Entertainment Politics

We’ve all seen it before. We’ve all heard it before. We’ve all been affected by it in one way or another.

It’s at the root of our societies every move. It shapes continents, destroys lives, builds bridges, shatters families, dictates the future and impacts our health, well-being and livelihood.

Entertainment Politics is as unavoidable as taking a dump. You often try to avoid it for as long as you can, but with steady and consistent creeping, it ultimately gets its way.

HB #43: Acting, Music and Personal Growth (with Luzer Twersky)

Ari talks to his friend, Luzer Twersky about growing up Chassidic in Brooklyn, their love for music, life as an artist and remaining open to differing points of view.

FIS #25: Respecting The Human Status (With Gneshe Bron)

In this episode we talk about humans who have a tendency to treat other humans as objects – as though they own them. Elevating us to a higher level of understanding – a place in which we respect the human status.

FIS #22: Running From the Police (Miracle of Lights)

Miracles didn’t just happen in the past, they happen today as well. In this episode we explore some of my personal miracles. I hope you had a magnificent Chanukah and hopefully these stories can be guiding light for your entire year!

FIS #20: Happy on principle

Life is fickle. One day happy, one day sad. One day life, one day death. We are thrown into a chaotic world and have no idea when we will depart. We are expected to make sense of it, all the while, remaining happy along our journey… Is it possible to learn a set of rules, principles or acquire some kind of wisdom that can potentially wire us differently? A new perspective or education that can assist us in never feeling depression? Well, I think so. And in this episode you will learn why.

FIS #12: Listen Better than you Talk

“Listen Better than you Talk” is a mini podcast that seeks to extrapolate the value behind improving one’s listening and attentiveness skills. In this podcast, I explore the various facets within which good communication and DIALOG (not dialect!) lies. It is my hope that with some of the simple principles shared here, you too will be able to improve your listening and communication abilities.

Some quotes pertaining to this piece:

“Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder” – Rumi

“When one responds to verbal attack, the result is worse verbal attack” – Rav Shalom Arush – I THINK…

“Speech without thought is like a body without a soul” – Rav Lazer Brody

“A person who speaks without thinking utters empty words, and empty words don’t have the power to cast a lasting impression on the listener’s heart” – Rav lazer Brody

Ethics of our fathers:

Chapter 1: 17. His son, Shimon, would say: All my life I have been raised among the wise, and I have found nothing better for the body than silence…

Chapter 4: 1. Ben Zoma would say: Who is wise? One who learns from every man. As is stated (Psalms 119:99): “From all my teachers I have grown wise, for Your testimonials are my meditation.”

Chapter 5: 7. There are seven things that characterize a boor, and seven that characterize a wise man. A wise man does not speak before one who is greater than him in wisdom or age. He does not interrupt his fellow’s words. He does not hasten to answer. His questions are on the subject and his answers to the point. He responds to first things first and to latter things later. Concerning what he did not hear, he says “I did not hear.” He concedes to the truth. With the boor, the reverse of all these is the case.

FIS #11: School of Thought & the Future of Atheism

A philosophical exploration of our thoughts, approach and behavior pertaining to “the God” and belief topic. In this podcast I discuss my view of the debate game and lend my opinion on how to better approach this lovely topic moving forward.

FIS #10: Self-expression

The art of self-expression is beautiful. Its fruits are magnificent, its effects are profound. Learn all about self-expression and all that it entails in this podcast.

FIS #9: Where art thou?

By being aware of where we actually are in life, we open the door to growth and opportunity. By not fully understanding where we are, we limit our opportunities, as growth and potentially open ourselves up to guilt, frustration and despair.