HB #56 Making an Aliyah – Part 3 (With Sharon Mandel)

Yes! We finally made it to our homeland! Tune into this episode to continue following Nate and Sharon’s journey to Israel. Having finally pulled their Aliyah, they are starting to feel settled and comfortable in their new home.

HB #33: Making an Aliyah in 2020 During the Pandemic – Part 2 – With Sharon Mandel

If you thought pure survival during the pandemic is difficult, try moving to another country that requires dealing with incompetent organizations and government agencies in order to get you there. In this episode we dive into the second part of our Aliyah journey. Enjoy!

FIS #26: Moving to Israel! Making an Aliyah – Part 1 (With Sharon Mandel)

Moving to Israel in 2020? This is what you can expect…
We recorded this episode before the pandemic hit. Wait until you hear part 2!

In this episode we delve into the ins and outs of making an Aliyah from America. Our journey. Our thought process.