FIS #7: Commentary – Bret and Eric Weinstein on The Rubin Report (2/5/18)

Less of a commentary and more of an exploration of one or two sentences mentioned during the show. The Idea Revolution has begun. This podcast explores the notion that we are in the midst of a big change. And the new outlook that’s about to swoop in will be more profound, impacting and truthful then the one we’ve accustomed ourselves to over the past few generations.

FIS #6: Spiritual OR Emotional Development?

In this podcast I present the case that emotional development is just as important, if not more, than spiritual development. Stop neglecting your emotional needs.

FIS #5: Pure Motivation

“Some people like quotes so much, that they frame them on their walls instead of putting them into practice” This podcast is a collection of some of my favorite quotes and what comes to mind when reading them. Enjoy!

FIS #4: Don’t Fight the DNA

The correlation between our character traits and our parents are a lot more impacting than we think. This mini podcast addresses an undeniable fact of life, that when embraced, can help one break the pattern.

FIS #3: Approaching Spirituality with Balance

“I find it so conducive to dedicate a full recording on the topic of approaching spirituality with balance. It’s such an important subject, and I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. The difference between beginning your spiritual journey correctly and starting it incorrectly is the difference between walking off the roof of a building and taking the stairs. They are a world apart; they are life and death.”

FIS #2: The Fundamentals of Jewish Spirituality

Kosher Spirituality. “Because there are sooo many books, quoting so many other books, we have ourselves a cobweb of kosher spiritual knowledge. My approach seeks to alleviate the pondering soul, who seems to be getting entangled in the intricacy of the spiritual web.”

Correction: I’m no longer on SoundCloud.