HB #37: Yanky Lichtman on Life, Lakewood and Modern Orthodoxy

A discussion of Orthodoxy in the life of Yanky Lichtman living in Lakewood, NJ. Topics ranging from religious perspective, family values, business challenges and life’s journey.

HB #36: Zionism: A History (With Yudi Mandel – Part 2/4)

Nate and Yudi discuss Zionism. More specifically, in the episode they cover religious Zionism. Tune in to learn all about the history of Zionism.

HB #35: Ari & Dr. Sam Katz on Religion, Racism and Science

Ari and Sam talk about growing up chassidic, falling in love with science, making a life and making sense of life in the modern world.

HB #34: Ari & Sheva on marriage, children, army and divorce

Ari and Sheva talk about their past life. Imagine that. Two ex-spouses actually conversing with each other. Tune in to hear their story that starts in ultra-orthodox Monsey, NY – all the way to Seoul, South Korea and back.

HB #33: Making an Aliyah in 2020 During the Pandemic – Part 2 – With Sharon Mandel

If you thought pure survival during the pandemic is difficult, try moving to another country that requires dealing with incompetent organizations and government agencies in order to get you there. In this episode we dive into the second part of our Aliyah journey. Enjoy!

HB #32: From Pious to Unbiased With Ari & Eli Mandel

How can one go from praying three times a day to worshiping unicorns? Well, in this episode Ari & Eli Mandel delve into their journey and reflect on the straws that broke their camels back.

HB #31: Nate, Gneshe & Hershy on: Covid 19, Eating & Fasting

Tune in for this raw conversation between 3 friends. As they discuss coping during the pandemic, eating habits, intermittent fasting, family feuds and more.

HB #30: Nate & Ari Mandel Shmooze

Host Nate Mandel together with Co-Host Ari Mandel shmooze about the Humble•Brag podcast.

HB #29: FAITH IS STRENGTH (FIS) is now Humble•Brag! (HB)

As we continue to evolve and form into our ultimate selves, FIS has taken on a new name and a new direction. FAITH IS STRENGTH is now Humble•Brag! Welcome to Humble•Brag! Welcome our new host!

FIS #28: Unorthodox – A Netflix Review (With Ari Mandel)

Brothers Nate & Ari Mandel review the Netflix Mini-Series called Unorthodox. By reflecting on their journeys, they delicately reminisce about the transition and what life in the community is or was really like.