The Motivation Behind my Podcast

About The Humble•Brag Podcast

In the beginning, Humble•Brag (Formally FAITH IS STRENGTH) was Nate’s way of sharing a bit of the positive light he’s found within his life as well as an outlet for the creativity he so often needed to express as just a part of who he is as a human.

Though, with each successive episode, this podcast began to take shape as something more than just a creative outlet or method of sharing positivity. It became an opportunity to delve into the facets of life and spirituality that shape our days, giving ourselves, as well as our guests, the chance to share ideas, perspective and life! 

Now, with more than a fair share of episodes and a fair number of years behind the microphone, HB has become equal parts exploration of faith, spirituality, and life itself. Set against a modern backdrop we’ve developed the HB podcast to be light hearted and youthful by nature. 

As HB continues to build on that original goal of making life just a bit brighter for those who tune in, we can only hope that it still finds new ways of shedding some light on the aspects of existence, emotions and human behavior that need “a bit” of exploring.

Where it goes from here, much like life, we cannot say. We can only hope that we are continued to be blessed with this chance to reach out to so many more people like us. 

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