Behind The Mic

Nate Mandel


Nate’s a husband, father, entrepreneur and spiritual practitioner. He loves God, spirituality and philosophy. He enjoys meaningful conversations and is a huge proponent of self-expression, which is why he created this podcast. Things like psychology, physics, outer space, philosophy and epistemology get him excited.

Yudi Mandel


Yudi Mandel, brother of Nate Mandel, currently resides in Toms River, NJ. Where he enjoys listening to 12 hours of podcasts, lectures and shiurim each day, played at 1.5X speed minimum. LOL. He’s a goblet for knowledge and actively studies Chassidic works on a weekly basis. He loves philosophy, psychology and anything that gets the mind going. 

Gneshe Bron


Gneshe is a Certified Peer Support Specialist. Her focus is on mental health, inner-voice and understanding what our body is telling us through what we are feeling. Tune in to hear about growth, healing and letting go. Being on her own journey of growth, she’s no stranger to barriers that lay before us. She’s one of us.

Viggy Farkas


Viggy is a content creator and YouTuber. He enjoys going on walks with strangers and giving them the chance to unload their thoughts and feelings onto him. He’s a great person to bounce ideas off of. Check out Viggy’s YouTube channel called: TheViggy50. A bit shy off the top, but once you break him open, he’s comedian on all four. 

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HB #53: Intermittent Fasting & Intuitive Eating

What is Intermittent Fasting (IF) and what is Intuitive Eating? In this episode, I cover both of these practices. You may ignore healthy eating topics, but you can only...

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HB #52: Now What!?

“Now what” should never be a question if you are a healthy, well-thought-out, motivated individual. Spiritual people should have more goals and dreams than are even possible to achieve...

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HB #51: I Told You So

Imagine I said you can learn deep and meaningful lessons from Carrie Underwood’s ‘I Told You So’ released in 2007. Would you listen? Or would you simply laugh at...

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Spirituality and philosophy for the modern mind.

Every generation that’s come before us has faced the same mental and emotional struggles with the world that we do. Our ideas, stresses, and fears have only changed aesthetically over the years; in essence they’re the same and have resulted in countless hours of deep philosophical meditation.

We’re blessed to have those thousands of years of spiritual understanding at our fingertips, in the form of writing and oral tradition, and now we take that tradition further by continuing the contemplation in the form of this podcast; open discussion and introspection, based on the world as it appears today and combined with the teachings of our elders.

Join us as we explore thoughts and ideas that challenge the heart and mind, and brace us for a better future for mankind.